Sunday Vibes. Date Night. What Is Making Me Smile.

Hey all!

I had to work on Saturday but Sunday we got to hang all together and gear up for the week ahead.  We went to Costco which has unfortunately become actual enjoyment for us, #thisis30. Why is Costco SO AMAZING.  Ugh but we were there during their “sample hour” and literally it is like navigating though a group of hyenas.  People.  It’s a freaking 1/4 inch piece of cheese.  RELAX.  People see free food and they all of a sudden forget how to correctly handle a shopping cart and they lose all knowledge of how to be a courteous shopper.  But we stocked up on seltzer.  So all is well.


My mom and dad (who are amazing) offered to watch K so J and I could get out of the house for a little night out.  J had a fancy drink which was too pretty to not snap a picture of.


We went to Viaggios for dinner and it was amazing as it always it.  We started with their house-made focaccia bread.  Hi carbs.  Love ya.


I had the same butternut squash ravioli that I had when I was there for a recent girls night.  We finished the night appropriately with dessert.


I am really missing warmth and being outside.  Spring is so close!  These tulips are helping me see the light.


And another thing that made me happy was that Costco had kombucha on sale.  This pineapple peach flavor is everything right now.


The next 3 days are going to be busy.  Class + 12 hr shifts x 2.  Pray for sanity!

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