3 years with Kona pup.

Happy Adoption Day to Kona!

Before I had K, this dog was my e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  And I still love her, but my human baby has taken some precedence…

This dog loves unconditionally though. I can be having A DAY where I am unable to give her any attention and yet she will still follow me around the house and sit in whatever room I am in. We still go for runs together and with the baby jogger too we are quite the sight!

My phone has shifted from a million pictures of her to now millions of K… but don’t be fooled this loyal dog still never leaves my side.

If you are thinking of having a dog join your family, look into adoption!  They will bring a certain “spirit” to your family.  This girl is certainly not well-behaved all the time (we tried), but she sure does love us.

SO the days where I find her annoying or wish she would just STOP JUMPING, I need to remember we gave her a home and we will always love what she brings to our family. We love you Koney girl!

If you live near me and are looking, we found her at B.A.S.S. and they have adoption days at the Petco near us!


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