Recent Eats.

Happy Tuesday! I had my last day of orientation yesterday so nothing too interesting to share from the Monday…

But I have had some good eats recently!


1 egg + egg whites + veggie burger +cheddar cheese.  Costco carries my favorite veggie burgers EVER.  The brand is Don Lee Farms.  I don’t know what makes them so amazing but they. just. are.  Organic, gluten free, and simple ingredients.  Unfortunately they don’t always have them, but I stock up when they do!

eggs and veggie burger

Pumpkin Ravioli from one of my favorite restaurants Viaggios.  We had a fun girls dinner this night!  And apparently February 13th was “Galentine’s Day” so we appropriately celebrated.

Viaggio's pumpkin ravioli

Chicken franchise meatballs that I picked up from Uncle Giuseppe’s.  This place has amazing pasta and prepared food!

chicken francese meatballs

Banana bread with cinnamon sugar… a childhood throwback.  This is the best recipe, I usually will cut the sugar in half though.  I also added pecans.

banana bread

Chicken marsala with sautéed spinach.

chicken marsala

A funfetti cupcake from a winter carnival that we went to at Greenwood Lake.  I think this was the first year they held the event and we can’t wait to go next year when K is a bit older.  They had so many cute kid activities!

funfetti cupcake

Mama needs a coffee today and it is FREEZING out.  So thinking about doing a Starbucks + Target trip to get some steps in.  And because, Target.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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