Heat Wave in February!

It was 65 DEGREES HERE TODAY. Hallelujah I feel rejuvenated and I think today has given me hope that I will make it through winter.  We were outside as much as possible today.



We did a quick wine and grocery run (got a good one for ya Friday) but other than that we stuck close to home. Lots of mommy and baby time. I missed my little dude!! Working mamas… I get it now. He got literally 346 kisses today.



I made K some muffins. I found the recipe on Happy Veggie Kitchen.  Super easy to make, no added sugar.  Nice and healthy for the babe.



K approved. He ate like a freaking teenager today.  We are doing more finger foods now which has been fun!



I cooked dinner during K’s afternoon nap.  I sometimes do this because 1.  It prevents me from eating macaroni and cheese for dinner (guilty x 2 in the last couple of days) and 2.  because after I put K to bed I like to relax or get some schoolwork done so it is nice for dinner and cleanup to be off the evening to do list.  Chicken marsala was on the menu for tonight.  I like following this recipe I found on Cafe Delites because she gives a couple of substitutions in case your panty is not fully stocked.




Ugh I just put a disgusting amount of trash at the curb since last Wednesday we had a snowstorm so we couldn’t put anything out.  Anyone else get super excited to get all the trash and recycling to the curb for pick up??  Just me?  K just me.  Probably something to do with my obsessive tidying/organizing habits…

Now baby is in bed and I have to catch up on watching The Bachelor… either you love it or you hate it right?

Are you watching The Bachelor?  Colton yay or nay??

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