School. Work. Repeat.

Whirlwind.  That has been life lately.  With school and work now in full swing I am struggling to find any free time to be here!

K babe is now a big bad 9 month old (+1 week now).


I had to snap a picture of my set up for J when he had the baby for an entire day while I was working.  In his defense he totally did not need this much assistance.  Ha, I think I just felt better leaving them knowing that everything was laid out.


Had this delicious bowl of chickpea pasta with leftover vodka sauce.


And these little bowls have been my “desserts”.  I forget where I read this but someone said that if you are trying to decrease the amount of sugar you consume (if you have a dessert problem *hand held high*) you should do a chocolate and nut combo.  So you still get some of that good stuff but it comes along with a healthy and filling snack.


Now back to hanging with my goof ball because I am at the hospital for another 12 hour shift tomorrow!


Enjoy your week!

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