Eats As Of Late.

Hi all!

We are trying to power through a Monday over here.  K is blessing me with an extra long afternoon nap so here I am!

Shoot of course as soon as I type that he wakes up…

I thought I would share some recents eats since it has been too long!  Compiling this post has made me realize that we need to clean up the old diet a bit.  I always find it hard to eat healthy in the winter.  Salads and homemade smoothies are my fast and healthy to-gos, but they just don’t sound appetizing when it is cold out.  Help!


Chicken enchiladas! These were so good!  I followed this recipe with only slight modifications.

chicken enchiladas

Our usual weeknight staple of zucchini noodles with a parmesan cheese sauce.  We topped this with skirt steak.

zucchini noodles

Overpriced yogurt from Starbucks during orientation week.  The lemon flavor is my favorite!

Starbucks Lemon Yogurt

Homemade pizza.  J whipped this up so I am not sure of the recipe.  But I know there is a Martha Stewart recipe floating around out there that is pretty good.

homemade pizza

Oh my sweet sweet love.  Shake Shack.  My favorite fast food burger.  We almost never get fast food but when we do… it is the shack.

Shake Shack

If you are a chocolate lover go and get this NOW.  I did not need to know this existed.

M&Ms milk chocolate bar

Now.  Excuse me while I try to find some healthy recipes for us… ha!

Enjoy the week!

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