Back To School…Back To School…

Happy hump day!

We are staying afloat this week with my new job/new school transition.  We had the flu take down our babysitter on Monday and Tuesday and I currently have THE WORST head cold.  I literally never get sick but of course now would be the time.  I am trying to be as least disgusting as I can be, ha but it has been a challenge.  Sorry new co-workers/classmates.  Tryin’ to keep my germs to myself!  So.  The transition hasn’t been the smoothest but we’re getting through it.

K had the best time at Daddy day care on Monday and Tuesday.  J was a champ and had two seamless days going in with little instruction or to be honest, practice.  Ha.  Since I didn’t go back to my old job after having K he has never needed to do a whole day alone with the baby. So this week was full of firsts!  They had some great bonding time and all went well.  I got this video during orientation…

Ha and now K is OBSESSED with pushing his car around.

K babe had a day with Grandma today and came home super happy and hit the crib hard at bedtime. Grandma tires the little dude out with lots of attention and play time.

Baby in Pack and Play

As for me?  Loving everything so far.  Wish I was feeling a little more on top of my game health wise… but so far so good.

Two more days of orientation to go!

Anyone have any ideas for some quick weeknight meals?  I am running out of meal prep!

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