Wine-ding Down The Week 28

Happy Friday!


This wine sparked some joy (MK reference) for me while shopping.  I mean, wine and coffee in the same bottle?!  Now.  I would recommend this red for those who are real obsessed with all things coffee.  I just didn’t feel like it was well-balanced, I thought the coffee overpowered the wine a little bit.  Tip from J: you MUST use a decanter or aerate the wine.  It helps to bring out more of the wine flavor versus only tasting coffee.  We have the Vinturi Essential Red Wine Aerator.  It really does make a big difference.  Overall, not a bad wine.  It is unique and fun to try!

Apothic Brew
Red Blend
Grade: B

Apothic Brew

Grouchy baby this week has had me on wine time.  Poor thing is cutting 5 teeth at the same time.  Obviously my last week as a full-time SAHM was going to be the most challenging.  BUT I got so many cuddles in this week so I am now looking forward to starting work on Monday.  Ha.  But I will still miss my little chicken.


We are preparing for some major snow this weekend.  This is so typical for my life.  Teething out of sorts baby… big snowstorm…new job…school starts the same week.  When it rains it pours for me.  Sorry in advance if I am quiet here next week, but I will be back!

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe if you are expecting the storm!

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