Sweet Steals!

Hey all!  Popping in just to share some of my current obsessions that made the budget girl in me squeal with delight.

Budget gal finds:

–This greenery.  Amazon has got ya back as usual.  For $18.99 you get 4 large fronds so you could definitely decorate an entire mantle if that is something that strikes your fancy.  It did have a funky smell (plastic-y) for a couple of days but it went away.  I searched high and low for greenery like this so I am pretty pumped about it.

Amason greenery

Kirkland seltzer.  Costco now has cans of seltzer in their store brand!!  Ya’ll know I like Costco so this caused a bit of excitement.  It’s $7.49 for a case of 32.  This price makes my 5 can a day habit not hurt so bad.  WATCH OUT LA CROIX.  Kirkland… you continue to fulfill my every need.

Kirkland Sparkling Water

Poshmark. This is such a great way to clear out your closet.  Marie Kondo new year new me right?  I downloaded this app f-o-r-e-v-e-r ago but with the recent purging and organizing mode that January has brought on I listed some items because they DID NOT SPARK JOY.  I usually use thredUP but you definitely get more cash for your stuff here.  I am selling so many dresses that are too mini/short for me (sigh. 30 flirty and thriving right?) and also shoes that no longer fit (another check in the postpartum box).  If you want to get started you can use my invite code, MELISCECE, and you get 5 bucks!



Hope you got over the hump today!

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