Ponytails. COSTCO. Date Night.

Hi friends!

This week Good Morning America (video here) had a segment about pumping up your ponytail and I was like yassss queen.  I’m all about learning new ways to wear my hair up and outa the way.  The bubble ponytail is actually a favorite of mine.  They also did a teased look which I realized I do everyday without trying.  Postpartum hair loss + sleepless nights = messy ponys.  But if ponytails are back in style then 2019 really is. my. year.  Because this child refuses to give up his 4 am nursing session.


On Saturday we headed to our favorite place in all the world… COSTCO.


So many things that we usually buy were on sale so we had quite the haul…


And we had lunch there.  Turkey sandwich and chili for the win!  I live for their turkey sandwich and the food is so cheap!


On Saturday night J and I were spoiled yet again with an another date night courtesy of mom and dad. We ate at South + Pine in Morristown.  It got such great reviews but we felt it was only okay.  We had drinks before dinner at the speakeasy we went to last time.


Sunday we went to church and then got our workouts done (4 miles for me and Kona!).  I did some meal prep and then we relaxed/played for rest of the day.


I have some things to do tomorrow for work so it will be an EARLY start to the day with J holding down the fort at home for the morning.

Hope your weekend was full of all things good!

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