Wine-ding Down the Week 26

I feel like I finally have life back in order after the holidays.  Decorations are down, dinners are healthy again, exercise is consistent, and most importantly I know what day of the week it is.  The holidays are always a slow spiral out of control for me.  By the end I am always like “hey I had one piece of cake so whats two more?!”  Except that mindset applies to everything.  Ha NOT GOOD.  But I am back on track, thank goodness.

I come to you with some wine today but I am sad to report that I am cutting back on wine consumption.  Wah I know, but I starting counting macros and honestly I would rather have a snack than a glass of wine haha.  SO there might not be a wine post every Friday.  But I’ll do my best.  For the people.


Our red game is still going strong.  This was another change-up from our usual red blend.  It is nice and rich.  Has a good dark color.  Very jammy but balanced I thought.  13 dollars at the old local spot.  Loved by J and I so we will add to our growing list of winners!

Seven Sinners
Petite Sirah

Grade: A!


Anyone else counting macros?  Do you feel like it is a sustainable lifestyle?  Do you take days off??

Happy Weekending!

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