New Year’s Resolutions. Workouts. Chicken Alfredo.

Welcome to 2019 friend!!

Last night we had a nice quiet celebration at home with some good food and drinks. We ordered from our favorite restaurant Axtons.  We also had some champagne and even actually made it until midnight!

This cannoli dip was the star of the show.


We woke up today with our goals in mind and hit the gym.  Every month this year we have set a goal for ourselves.  January is our month of “activity everyday”.  The goal is to do a minimum of a 30 minute workout or 10,000 steps.  J has been teaching me how to improve my squat form since I want to get back into strength training.


This pasta carbonara was a product of JC and it was wonderfulllll.  We put our healthy spin on it with chickpea noodles and part milk in place of heavy cream.


K enjoyed having Dad home for these past few days.  Since I go back to work at the end of this month AND start school, K will have a lot more time with J which will be good for both of them.  Even though it hurts my heart a bit to be leaving my babe for such long days I know it is what is best for me and also our family.  This crazy kid is already 8 months!


Hoping your first day of 2019 was wonderful!

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