Wine-ding Down the Week 24

Happy (hopefully) LONG weekend to you all!  I hope you are planned, prepared, and ready to party!


Now.  We know I am a girl who likes a good deal.  And I feel that it is SO HARD for boxed wine to be good.  It’s totally the quantity over quality issue.  BUT.  A good red has been found!  This box is 20 bucks = 4 normal sized bottles.  As you also know, I am a very picky red wine drinker.  But this one is so smooth and it’s exactly as they say, BIG -DARK-JAMMY.  NO lies told there my friends.  The only issue is that this mysterious gem is hard to find.  I have yet to see it anywhere other than at our local Bottle King.  It is worth the hunt down though, it is that good!

Bota Box
Nighthawk Black
Red Wine Blend.

Grade: A+


Our festivities start already on Sunday so Saturday will be a day in the kitchen for me!  Happy Holidays to all!!

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