Andddd the holidays are upon us!

If you are stuck on what to bring to your next holiday party look no further.  I have scoured Pinterest for you!  I am usually the dessert connoisseur, but I have a couple of apps and sides lined up that are good ones too.

Cranberry Christmas Cake.  Found here.  I am bringing this to Christmas Eve.  Making a cake seems like a daunting task but it is really not too hard!

Cranberry Christmas Cake

Icebox Cake.  There are a MILLION variations on this dessert but it is so good any way that you mix it up.  This recipe never fails me.

Boston Cream Pie Ice Box Cake - Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Salad: If you are looking to avoid the holiday sugar coma, this salad is calling for ya.  The pasta makes it somewhat heartier than just a regular side salad.

The perfect Thanksgiving salad! Delicious spinach pasta salad with cranberries, pecans, apple, and mandarin orange

Cocktail: I thought that this drink was super pretty looking.  I would probably serve it as an after dinner drink as it looks pretty creamy and coconut flavored.

Fruit Salad: Another side to help you get in some fruits and veggies over this holiday season.  This dish is a fun way to bring fruit without just buying the boring cut up platter that you can get in your local grocery store.

Irresistibly delicious, fresh and vibrant Winter Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Poppy Seed Vinaigrette is simple to whip together but can’t stop eating delicious! It makes the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas side! #fruitsalad #thanksgivingsides

Pasta Salad:  SO simple and easy.  This is something that you can throw together real fast if you need to.

Caprese Pasta Salad | This perfect combination of ingredients is great as an appetizer or a salad.

Christmas Crack.  I will leave you with this.  I think this is the only dessert that my husband (not a dessert guy) has asked for EVER.  Again super simple, but so delicious.  IMPOSSIBLE to have only one piece.

20 Minute Christmas Crack! If you are nervous to make full blown toffee you need to try this. It's only takes five ingredients and even my kids can make it!

SO those are just a few of my Pinterest finds for some holiday eats.  I hope one of them strikes your fancy!

Anyone have any good desserts to share??  I am on the hook for 3 this year!

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