Snow + Workouts + Orange Chicken

We got a light dusting this morning which is my favorite kind of snow because it doesn’t interfere with roads/driving but everything looks really pretty!


J and I are back on track with morning workouts.  The 5:30 am alarm isn’t glorious but let us be honest, we go to bed pretty early so we are still getting sufficient sleep.  EXCEPT K has been waking up for a quick snack at 4:45 am so I am borderline, but honestly I haven’t felt too tired.  Give me a couple of weeks though…

We bundle up and I do my thing with the Aaptiv app while J usually does his workout on the squat rack.

This morning my workout was 2 circuits of 4 exercises, each done for 30 seconds.  Repeated once.  Estimated burn= 200 calories.

  1.  Squats, reverse lunges, side lunges+front lunges, plank jacks
  2. Mountain climbers, bicycle crunch, double crunch, push ups+shoulder taps.

I finished up with 15 minutes on the bike and then a good stretch.


Last night I made orange chicken in the slow cooker with teriyaki broccoli (just sautéed frozen broccoli with this sauce and some cornstarch) and brown rice. I will definitely make this again.  Every time I make something in the slow cooker I am reminded how easy it makes things!


K got some Christmas pjs from Grandma which he has been sporting.  He is obsessed with the Christmas tree.


I read an interesting article on “spicing up” your baby’s food.  It is supposed to help them not need salt/sugar in the future for food to taste good.  We have only tried nutmeg so far as they recommend 4 days before trying each spice.  He is pretty pumped about food in general so I don’t see this going poorly ha.  For some reason he likes jarred food from the grocery store better than any food I make *eye roll*, can anyone think of a reason why??  Texture??


We are gearing up for Christmas as we have 4 days of family gatherings in a row.  Fingers crossed K is feeling jolly!

Hope your holidays are happy so far!

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