Monday Mode.

A busy weekend led me right into a busy Monday.  BUT the house is clean, our mountain of laundry is done, the Christmas lights are up, and the last part of our kitchen counter is primed.  Phew.  K is currently in a full on mama phase and was my right hand man all day.


K and I got a quick run in with our new Thule Urban Glide Rain Cover!  I ended up taking his hat off mid run since this cover keeps him nice and cozy!  So worth the money because it will allow us to keep going on walks/runs even in the cold temps.


The house is Christmas-y and I am enjoying the season!  I have a couple more gifts to get and side dishes to plan but I feel very “under control”.  I like December to not feel like this crazy hectic month so getting my gift shopping out of the way early helps me enjoy the month more.


K is going by my mom for a bit tomorrow.  We do this maybe twice a month so he gets accustomed to not just being with me all day.  I hope to snag a part-time job soon and when that happens he will be going by my mom’s house more frequency.  It is nice to get a chunk of time to myself.  Ha but I often struggle with what to do!  I found that if I plan out the night before some un-baby friendly errands/chores/projects then I get a lot more done.


Out with a girlfriend for dinner tonight!

Happy December!

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