Wine-ding Down the Week 21

Hello friends!

This week flew by for some reason.  I can’t believe tomorrow is December already!  It sure feels cold enough though.  We have been FREEZING here!  It has been a winter jacket kind of week. Too soon!

K and I did some shopping with my mom today for Christmas decor.  We went to Hobby Lobby where all things Christmas is 50% off!  I mainly wanted to find some kind of red berry inserts for my Christmas tree.  Successful and for a total of like 12 dollars.  Happy girl right here.  And happy boy below!


We had lunch at Smashburger and I had the BBQ Ranch salad and I have ZERO regrets about getting breaded chicken instead of my usual grilled.  Ha it was so good.



This was an enjoyable zin.  Kind of a unique taste, different that other zinfandel wines I have had.  It is quite peppery and has a nice deep color.  We will get again!

Mendocino County

Grade: B+


I will leave you with a baby butt because is there anything cuter than butt dimples on a baby???


We plan to hang Christmas lights and put down our floors in the kitchen this weekend.  Busy bees as usual!

Hope your weekend is full of all good things!


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