Project 137- Bathroom.

When we bought our house it was a CLEAR fixer upper.  I mean livable, but just terrible looking. Yellow everywhere. Walls, floors, tile…like ew.  The first floor was linoleum flooring, and not cool looking or vintage.  The walls were all dark wood paneling.  The bathrooms were tiled floor to ceiling, and by that I mean they TILED THE CEILING.

So it was clear that renovation was needed.  We purchased almost 3 years ago and between getting married and having a baby we are surprised we got it all done!  We unfortunately had a lot of hidden expenses such as a new roof (ugh) and new HVAC system (double ugh).  But now that we are in our last week of renovation it has inspired me share what we have already done!

Upstairs full bath:







We had our contractor friend help us out here as most of it was out of our league.  And also because I was like 7 months pregnant at the time…

Vanity:  LOVE the vanity.  We have been playing around with changing up the hardware. But it is holding up well and we are happy with it.

Light Fixture: From Wayfair.  I shopped around a ton because lighting is like my thing, but love this one!  We put in edison bulbs since we also installed recessed lights so we didn’t really need it to be super bright.

Subway tile:  I think we just got them from Home Depot.  Subway tile is so popular you can get it anywhere.  We love it with the dark grout!

Floor Tile:  From Overstock.  I have a love/hate relationship with this tile.  I absolutely love the look, but it shows everything.  So I tend to wipe it down like twice a week.  It is a small bathroom so not a big deal. But I would never do dark tile again just for this reason.

All of the little things are from either or Wayfair.  The shower curtain is from Target, but maybe 5 years ago??  I have actually updated it since these photos.  Again, from Target.

I will share our downstairs transformation along with our kitchen renovation when we are all done!


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