Christmas mode.

Honestly, I’ve already been listening to Christmas music for the last week BUT we had a “Christmas-y” weekend which really got us in the holiday spirit!  We went to a Christmas tree farm about an hour away from us.  We have gone to Palmer Christmas Tree Farm but this year decided to check out Wyckoff’s.  They spray paint some of their trees using a special paint which looked pretty cool, although not sure I would ever put a colored tree in my house!


We took some photos for our Christmas card.  My mom took these on my iPhone on portrait mode and I think they turned out pretty well!


We ended up not even getting a tree from Wyckoff’s because they were all so short!  But we still picked one up on the way home.  I still want to add some kind of flower or berry inserts, then I think it will be complete!


J cooked up some vodka sauce last night which we had over angel hair pasta with breaded chicken.  We hardly eat food that rich, but it sure was delicious.


K recently turned 7 months old!!  He loves yogurt, hugs, and smiling at everyone!


Also, we are slowly making headway in the kitchen!  I think the counters are going to be the most time-consuming project because you are waiting so long for each layer to dry.  But getting closer!  We are using a Giani paint kit but following this blog post to try to get a marble look.  Hopefully it works out for us.  The below picture is step one which I kind of just like the black look and I am tempted to stop here!  But I will at least attempt to complete the project.  Worst comes to worst, I can just paint it over black again right??


My goal is to do some Christmas shopping this week so I can cross that off the list nice and early.


We are excited to make K’s first Christmas a memorable one!

What do you do to get in the Christmas spirit??  Any holiday traditions?

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