Wine-ding Down The Week 20

We had a busy Thanksgiving day as we have two family gatherings to get to.  And wrangling a baby makes it even busier so I only got a picture of dessert.  Mom made an apple pie and the most delicious bread pudding!!  I think there were 3 other pies but I was trying to get K down for a nap during this time so this was J’s plate.  I finally got some bread pudding and it was worth it!

Our kitchen reno is moving along… we are painting the walls/ceiling and trying to decide which flooring we like best.  We are leaning toward the blue ones, but we like both!

K was a GRUMP on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving.  This boy never naps and he took a 2 1/2 hour nap that afternoon.  Ha, I think I checked on him 3 times because he never sleeps that long and I was like “something is wrong!”  Nope, just tuckered out from the holiday!


We had this red while working on the kitchen.  Actually.  We have had MANY reds while working on the kitchen.  It has been purchased a couple of times now because we loved it! We got it for about 15 dollars.  Nice and rich, full-bodied.  A nice change for us as we usually drink red blends or a cabernet.  Definitely a new one for our rotation!

Michael David Petite Petit
California 2015
Petite Sirah

Grade: A-

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!!

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