Wine-ding down the week 19

We got our first snowstorm yesterday.  NOT thrilled.  We were all quite unprepared… it took people HOURS to get home from work last night.  Thankfully J had left early and had no problem.  Since J was home and didn’t go into the office on Friday we got some bonus time working on the kitchen.  Getting closer to being done!  I am hoping by next weekend I can share the final results!!



We had this red a few weeks ago.  I might have featured it before (mama brain can’t remember and don’t feel like looking back ha sorry) BUT if I did it is a good one to repeat.  We frequently have this bottle in the house.  This brand is phenomenal and anything we have from them is great.  This bottle is less than 10 bucks.  Really enjoyable with any food.  We love it and it goes in our cart every time we shop!

Dark Horse
Red Blend
Grade: A!


Enjoy!  Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend planned!!

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