Wine-ding down the week 18

This week flew by for us!  Our new house project is… time consuming.  And obviously taking longer than normal since I have to toggle between being mama and bob the builder.  I think we have changed out of pajamas or paint clothes likeeee twice this whole week.



I think I have officially made the switch to drinking reds for the winter.  A glass of red makes me feel nice and cozy and I think white wine brings summertime vibes.  We always love a good red blend.  Unfortunately this one was not great and probably won’t get again. It is a blend of Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir.  Pretty smooth but the flavor just wasn’t there for me. It was around 10 dollars.  I hate posting when we don’t like a bottle because I feel bad I’m not giving you one for “the list” but I guess take this as a warning to pass on this one??  Ha obviously we still drank it but it was not our favorite.

Apothic Crush
Red Blend

Grade: C-

We are in full on home project mode so I am sure that is all we will really do this weekend.  Ah the joys of homeownership…

Happy weekend to you!!

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