Weekend Rehash.

This weekend was fun, productive, AND memorable for us.

Fun: Date night!!  J and I went out for dinner on Friday night and then saw a band at a local bar.  So nice to get out of the house together.  We ate at Axton’s which an awesome restaurant run by Chef Anton Testino who competed on Chopped and Hell’s Kitchen.  AMAZING food.  We have never had a bad meal!


J got cheese ravioli and I got the laghi di pompton.  Delicious.  We skipped dessert which looking back I don’t know why because they have this cannoli dip that I could bathe in.  Since it was still kind of early we headed to a bar near our house for a little music and a night cap.


Productive:  I was busy in the kitchen on Saturday making pumpkin apple muffins and a lemon berry bundt cake because we had family over after church on Sunday since our little guy was dedicated.  J also did some waterproofing on the roof and cleaned the siding of our house.  While he was doing that K and I got a nice run in.  I am obsessed with our current weather and sad it is probably going to get cold soon.  I got to SOLO run on Sunday and it was all kinds of amazing.  I felt so speedy not pushing the jogger!


Memorable:  Our family dedication at church.  To very quickly and simply explain, our church doesn’t do infant baptism instead they do family dedication.  You’re promising to have God as the center of your household and to bring up your child with that mindset.


We had family over for coffee after the service.  The lemon berry bundt cake was phenomenal.  It is perfect to bring to a gathering because it looks so pretty.  Also, the pumpkin apple muffins and crumb cake were a hit!  But the bundt cake stole the show.


Why do weekends always go so fast…

Tell me! What was your weekend like?


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