Wine-ding Down the Week 17

Hi and happy Friday!  Today has been day full of cleaning and errands.  K is a little under the weather so I tried to stay close to home so he could get in some good naps.  He is still quite happy so you wouldn’t even know he was sick, except for his sad little cough. If you follow me on the gram you already know that we wafted the scent of eucalyptus chest rub all throughout Target today.  I CANNOT get the smell out of my nose.


Lunch= big ole salad.  Spinach, the rest of a bag of pre-mixed salad kit, blue cheese, pecans, cucumber with homemade honey mustard dressing.


Pretty excited for a date night tonight with J.  My mom offered to come hang by us for a bit so we can go out and K can stay sleeping in his crib.


This little gem was brought over by a friend (hi friend!) which we enjoyed with some sushi.  SO good.  Very smooth.  Now technically we finished this bottle BEFORE our sushi even came (whoops) so I can’t even speak to how it goes with sushi.  But it was a very enjoyable pre-dinner drink ha.

Will buy!  Looked it up, around 10 bucks.  Get yourself some!

Red Blend

Grade: A!


Off to put the sick baby to bed (pray) and get ready for date night 🙂

Enjoy your night!!

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