Eats As Of Late.

We have been eatin’ good in the neighborhood (name that restaurant!) here at 137.


Breakfast Bars. I have still been snacking on these little guys. They are the most filling little nuggets. It is my A.M. go to when I work a morning because I can have 1 or 2 and be totally good until I get home for lunch.

Big ole’ salad. A dinner usual at our house on a weeknight: Spinach, avocado, blue cheese, pecans, and cucumber. I think we topped this gem with some steak. Homemade dressing= so easy, favorites here and here.

WENDYS. I never stop for lunch because I am always like “there is food at home…”. But K fell asleep in the car and I was starving and desperate for him to take a decent nap so the drive thru it was. I got the harvest chicken salad. Amazing. Totally amazing. And the best part was that I looked over to my right and there was a woman sitting in a van with car seats in the back totally doing the same thing I was. We had a moment together. Sweet silence and delicious food 🙂

SO this looks absolutely disgusting but I promise you it was wonderful. Link to inspiration here. It was based on a chicken enchilada skillet recipe. Modifications: added Brussels sprouts (also did broccoli one night). Omitted green chilis, olives, and tortilla chips. LIFE HACK: put (still warm) baked chicken in your stand mixer with the flat beater attachment and run for about 10 seconds. It will give you PERFECT shredded chicken.

Chick-fil-a. I literally NEVER eat fast food and here we have two places in one post. This was the chicken deluxe sandwich… it was okay.  Not as delicious as I remember them to be, but for a quick mall lunch it was not bad. The waffle fries on the side shared with mom stole the show.

Link to my favorite brunch restaurant in Hoboken here. This breakfast is my attempt to replicate their best brunch option in my opinion, the open-faced egg. Gosh I miss living there. The bars and restaurants are TOP NOCH. If you are planning a visit to NYC you have to make Hoboken a stop as well. I would give my left arm to be able to move back there. You just need like a casual million dollars to buy anything in that area.

And K has been hating all the purĂ©e food. We attempted just a whole banana today. Another WTF is this mom. *sigh*. Will keep trying…

We are trick-or-treating this afternoon…a.k.a just visiting some family and then me eating all the candy.

Happy Halloween!!

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