Wine-ding down the week 16

Welcome to your Friday 🙂

We are definitely nearing the winter months here in Northern NJ. This week was just straight up cold for this time of year and it just doesn’t look like it is going to warm up.  Also, a thought crossed my mind.  What the heck do you do with a baby all winter when you can’t go outside?? HELP.

K and I went to Costco today… this is the first time he sat in the cart. I had the Ergo for backup but didn’t even use it. We lost like 3 toys though. Ha I am not used to him being able to throw things overboard.  He was cheesing at everyone and it took us f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get out of there. It’s flu season people, stop touching MY BABY. Just kidding. Sorta. I literally had someone ask me if they could squeeze his cheeks. REALLY.

Oh my sweet boy. He is off the charts on height and in the 75% for weight. This bug is pushing 20 lbs already. And for Christmas the only toy he needs is medical office table paper.


This red blend was an all time favorite red for many many months.  It is so rich and you really get a good bourbon flavor with a lot of vanilla too. It is a little more money than I usually spend (20 bucks), but worth it for an impressive red. It does tend to be a bit gritty so definitely use an aerator with a screen. J isn’t a huge fan though so we kind of stopped getting it.  But I would still recommend because it is one of my favorites 🙂

Cooper & Thief
Red Wine Blend

Grade: A!

We are having a Harvest/Halloween party this Sunday afternoon so we will be busy preparing for that on Saturday. And a nor’easter is rolling though so yay. We pray Sunday is nice!!

Have a fab weekend!!

Any good lotion recommendations for my dry ass hands? I swear I am about to dip them in the baby’s A&D and sleep with gloves on.

What do you do with your kids in the winter?

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