The PERFECT fall day.

Well today was all kinds of wonderful here.

I did ALL the yard work while grandma watched K. Except below…mommy cleaned the gutters and K was quite content watching mama sweat bullets and conquer her fear of heights.

NJ is being stripped of all the good weather. April to May was like 50s to 90s and now recently we have only had a handful of days in the 60s. But today was one of them! I hit 20,000 steps today… disclosure I am BEAT right now. Today was too nice to not enjoy every ounce!

Does he not look huge?! This stinker hates trying to sit and only wants to stand. And hates puree food. Avocado is on the menu tomorrow, fingers crossed we find a winner.

Is your weather amazing or less than stellar?

Did your baby hate starting food?? This babe is NOT having it.

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