Wine-ding down the week 15

We had such a glorious cool week here, it was in the 50/60s which is my FAVORITE weather. K and I got a run in everyday and it was so wonderful. I finally feel like I am getting back in shape.  Hills are being conquered again and I can comfortably run 3-4 miles without much walking at all.

For some reason these cool temps made me crave smoothies. SO weird right? I hardly made them all summer long and now it gets cold and boom craving there. Oh well. It is easy to get fruits and veggies in this way so cravings you will be satisfied.

In the mix:

-Mixed berries (frozen Trader Joe’s)
-1 ice cube
-1 scoop of ISO 100- Peanut Butter Chocolate protein power

Very much a peanut butter and jelly flavor. Quite delish.

And onto the main event…

Wine-ding down the week with a ridiculously large pour which was remediated and shared ha. This red was only okay for me. I usually don’t like wine with strong spice/herb flavors and this was in that category. It was 11 bucks so not bad there. But again not a favorite.

Colossal Reserva Red Blend

Grade: C-

J is working AGAIN this Saturday. Poor guy.  It is sad to miss out on a weekend day with him but he got a ton done last Saturday so hopefully tomorrow will be just as helpful.

We plan to start some some solids with K so that should be a fun weekend activity… wish us luck!

Happy weekending!

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