Wine-ding down the week 13

Hi all!  Today was a fun day with a trip to the farm and a nice long run.

I went to Abma’s Farm with two of my girlfriends and their kids. This place is super cute! They have a new petting zoo, harvest store, and wine tasting bar. Very organized and clean. We will for sure be back! The toddlers had fun playing and K snoozed in the Ergo.

This afternoon K and I took a long run.  It felt good to get my mileage up again.  I always seem to run the same time as the high school cross-country team so now the girls give me little smiles as we cross paths.  Ha I love it.  Today was glorious, perfect temperature and every second was enjoyable.  I can’t get enough of October weather!!

The wine of the week:

This a current favorite red. And a pretty good price. VERY full-bodied for an inexpensive red. Cherry notes. Smooth texture. It was a win in our book!! A definite recommendation.

Dark Horse
Double Down Red Blend
Grade: A+!

Welcome weekend 🙂  Enjoy it!

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