When we bought our house (our house number is 137 if the title of this post is confusing) we knew we were in for a reno job.  EVERYTHING needed an update.  Picture Brady Bunch 70s style… but worn out. So there was no “Oh cool vintage” it was “Ugh… okay but I have a vision.” Just kidding. I had no vision but we loved the woodsy property, the schools are good, and the price was right. And now looking back on that decision I am happy we went for it because I got to pick out everything about my house so I love every speck.

So projects were easier in the beginning before a baby.. now things are a little more difficult to do but at least we have our big projects done. One of these days I’ll get together all my pictures and do a true before and after. Because the transformation is still is astonishing to me. We are so proud 🙂

But HOLYYY this was a dirty project.

I have never been a huge fan of our wood burning stove.  I have always imagined an inset fireplace and a mantel. But J LOVES it.  And if I am being honest, when we really get it roaring in the winter it is super warm and cozy.

So we compromised. J got to keep his stove, but I got a mantel.


Since we rearranged our front room, it made the most sense to have our TV above the wood burning stove.  But we didn’t want to mount the TV on the brick.  So we planned to just set it on a mantel.  We had an electrician do the outlet but we installed the mantel ourselves.  We are OBSESSED with the finished product.


We still have to try to camouflage the wire coming down.  Any recommendations?? But this has totally transformed our front room and we are so happy with our furniture layout and the new TV set up!

Did you do any big projects in your home??  Our kitchen is our next big project.  Does anyone have experience with putting in a kitchen with IKEA??

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