Wine-ding Down The Week 12

Woo Friday!  It has been quite a dreary weather week here.  We had maybe one nice day.  It was just a ton of rain and not just drizzling rain, it POURED. Going out with a baby in the rain isn’t much fun (or easy) so we stuck close to home most days.

BUT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I HAVE FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE BOXED WINE. I have had the Fish Eye brand in the past, but never the chardonnay. And I have never seen it boxed either… until now. We found this box down the shore but I unfortunately have yet to find it near me. It is nice and crisp and was a great addition to all our beach BBQs. I think we paid $15 for it. I would DEFINITELY buy this again if I see it. I have probably seen single bottles of this locally so I will have to keep my eyes peeled.  But the wine stays fresh for so long in the vacuum sealed bags so if you are looking to save some dollars this is the way to go!

South Eastern Australia


Happy weekend!!

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