Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.

This weekend we enjoyed our last summer days down the shore. We are planning one final family beach weekend mid-October, but it will most likely be pretty cool out so this felt like the conclusion of summer activities.

J and Dad did some fishing. September tends to be a better month for surf fishing. (Says Dad… ha could be fabricated information).

Dad was the lucky one!

The water was rough but warm. But there are no lifeguards at our beach so we don’t go out very far. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. We camped out most of the day until it started to get a bit chilly. K was quite happy and even took a nap in his tent. Ha he also recently “found” his feet and starting sucking on his big toe which we found hilarious.

Back at the house the boys snacked on the crabs that we caught in our trap for an appetizer. Well, not the baby. He just watched. Next year bubs!

My aunt and uncle happened to be down for the day so we all went out to dinner at Ebbys. It was a great night together!

We had so so much fun down the shore this year. Next year K will be walking so it will be a whole new adventure!

OH and I had my first Playa Bowl experience! I got the green smoothie. SO good! They don’t blend with ice so it was just kale, banana, pineapple, and coconut milk. DELICIOUS. I wish I got them all summer! I realized today though that there is one not too far from home. Dangerous since they aren’t cheap treats! I do want to try one of the bowls though.

We left early on Sunday since we wanted to get our new mantel up and living room put back together. I will share the before and after soon because we are super proud of the final product!


—Do you have Playa Bowls by you?? What is your favorite thing to get? Ha anyone else feel super healthy when they drink a green smoothie or just me??

—Where is your favorite vacation spot?

—Are you sad summer is over or are you all about fall??

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