Wine-ding Down the Week 11

Hi friends!  We are headed down for what will most likely be our last beach weekend of the year.  Hopefully the rain holds off!

Here’s a new wine for ya…

This was a gift so I am not sure how much it cost.  But when I looked it up, it tends to go for between 10-15 dollars.  I rarely drink rose but I liked this one.  It was very fruity and not bitter at all.  And the bottle is so cool looking!  The bottom is a flower shape.  It would make a beautiful gift since it looks so unique.  I would probably buy it if I saw it for around 10 bucks.  I don’t think it is worth $15. Or I would definitely buy it for a gift since it looks pretty ha. But overall it was a good find.

Grade: B+

Have a great weekend!

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