New(ish) addition to the gym.

We quit our gym not too long ago when we decided that a new baby would mean our workouts were going to be easiest and most frequent when done at home. We put together a pretty decent home gym for not a ton of money. We already had a lot of items so it was mostly just getting everything in one place. We rearranged the garage so that our yard stuff is on one side and the workout gear is in the back. The garage really needs a coat of paint to make it a nicer environment so that is on the home project list.

We did made one large purchase. J got the squat rack that he has been eyeing for YEARS. So he is pretty happy about that. I wasn’t really sure if I needed anything so I have just been doing my own thing running outside and using some weights and the Apptiv app. But I have been wanting a spin bike for awhile but struggled to ever take the plunge. We debated getting the Peloton but it is SO much money and I was nervous I would not use it enough to make it worth it.

SO this past weekend our shore neighbor had a spin bike at the end of their driveway FOR FREE!!! I was beyond excited when I saw it. I made J ring the doorbell right away to make sure they were for sure getting rid of it. Ha he wasn’t embarrassed at all…


It needs a little TLC since the salt air made it rust in some parts. But it really works great!

I downloaded the peloton app and I am doing a free trial right now so I’ll see how much I use it. It looks like it is 20 bucks a month which isn’t bad if I use it ha like daily…so not sure about that.

I am super excited to incorporate spinning into my workout routine especially since it will be getting colder and harder to run/walk outside with this babe.

Does anyone know of any good apps that have are spin workouts?? I know apptiv does so I will for sure be trying some there. I can’t wait!!

Wishing good vibes and a good end of the week to all!!!

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