Weekend = Beach + Chores

September is definitely my favorite time for going down the shore. Sitting on the beach in a long sleeve and not sweating my brains out while nursing… it was the PERFECT day.

We ended up leaving to go down on Saturday morning since J got stuck at work on Friday night but we flew down with no traffic and spent the whole day on the beach.

We finally have beaching with a baby down to a science. Much thanks to this chair. I can comfortably nurse in the tent and hold him in the shade with some back support. I wish I had this from day one!!

Earlier in the day J waded out in the bay to set up our crab trap. We had high hopes for a feast. But we got ONE measly little crab after 5 hours. Ha maybe next time…

We had dinner at home and just relaxed all night. K going to bed early is the best thing when we are home, but when we are down the shore it kind of ends our night. But the quiet time is almost worth it.

We came back home Sunday morning because we had some home projects that needed some attention. We got our wood burning stove back in order but our mantel is STILL not here. I even called Lowes today and they said any day now… ha thanks for your help.

K was a lot of fun this weekend. He is getting so strong and now I can hold him on my hip which is awesome so I can have a free hand. He is a little blonde fuzz head right now.

Now we are gearing up for the week, doing some meal prepping and getting the house in order.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and the Sunday night blues aren’t getting ya down!!

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