Anyone else feel like this week was a blur??  I don’t even know what I did to get me to Thursday but here we are!

K did the laundry today.  Thank goodness he is finally pulling his own weight around here.



We borrowed this seat from a friend because suddenly K hates any reclined seat and wants to sit more upright.  Whatever floats your boat kid, and whatever lets me drink my coffee.




This child has been a champion sleeper at night though.  He consistently goes to bed at 5 pm with no problem and it has been a LIFE CHANGER for me.  I have the night to get some things done and cook dinner without a million interruptions.  And even if he goes to bed at 7 pm he still wakes up the same time(s).  And if he goes down later than 5 pm it is a BATTLE.  So right now 5 pm it is.  J doesn’t get to see him at night which makes me sad but they always get some morning time in since K wakes up early.  And Kona is absolutely thrilled to have her couch cuddles with mom back for good.




Hope your week has been a good one!  Check back in tomorrow for a new wine.  AND it is A-MAZING.



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