Eats as of late.

Nothing SUPER interesting going on this week. The usual workouts, wine, and mommy stuff.  I plan to scope out an experienced RN job fair tomorrow so wish me luck there.

BUT I did get a new edition to our garage gym which I am SO excited about. I’ll share about that as soon as we get it home since it’s currently at the beach house.

At least we have been eating some delicious food!  J is still striving for ketosis.  I looked more into it and it’s not recommended for nursing moms so I still get my carbs in during the day and I just make sure dinner is Keto friendly.  Even though I think I can just eat 3 pieces of fruit a day and that would suffice… but BREAD.  I will get my carbs in that way thank you very much.


Whole wheat toast. Nut butter. Banana.

Homemade caramel latte.  Because coffee is now a food group.

Our current fav still going strong. Chicken. Zucchini noodles. Mushrooms. Parmesan sauce.  Ha I am making it AGAIN tonight, with the addiction of bacon to give it a carbonara flair.  Fancy I know.

Eggs. Parm. Avocado. Ketchup.  Thanks to J, eggs are never without parm.

Beef burger. Swiss cheese. Un-pictured salad (note evidence, swipe of ranch).

OHMYGOODNESS this was good. Steaks made by Papa D. Blue cheese on the side.  Because DON’T FEAR THE FATS.

Spinach and arugula salad. Blue cheese. Avocado. Steak.

Oh.  Ha.  And I made pickles today.  Because we have so so much cucumber.  I will let you know how they are in 24 hours.

J says he feels better eating Keto. I think I’m feeling better just because dinners are more filling and nutritious and I am less inclined to snack the rest of the night.

It has been COLD here recently. A lovely change but also drastic. K played like this for awhile in the house because the house is frigid and I refuse to turn on the heat in September.  I think it’s supposed to warm up.  It will probably be 100 degrees tomorrow because heaven forbid we have nice tepid weather.

Grandma took K (well, me) shopping and K got a cool new jacket for the fall.

We are hoping for a beach weekend coming up but so far it’s looking chilly. Fingers crossed that changes!

Hoping your week is wonderful!!

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