Wine-ding down the week 9

This week has been a blur for this family!  We got home from the shore on Tuesday and then J had a very busy Wednesday and I had a very busy Thursday.

I had my orientation for my new job!.  I will be doing private duty RN work per diem.  I am excited since I have never done anything like this before.  And also excited since I can choose to take on jobs when it is convenient for me and my family.  Because yesterday getting out the house showered and ready, on time, and not forgetting the baby was a FEAT.  SO so so much credit to those full time working mama’s because I was almost in tears by the time it was ready to go.  Everything went wrong that morning ha.  It definitely scared me to go back to work.  But since this is per diem I feel like it is a good fit right now.  Because this baby is TOO CUTE to leave.  (note Bachelor in Paradise in the background HA why is reality TV so addicting).

Anyways lets wine-d it down shall we?

If you are noticing a trend that we only drink cabernet sauvignon and red blends you are correct.  J branches out more in his red wine selection but I tend to always choose one of the two.  I’ll do my best to develop some diversity 🙂

This one was about 12 dollars.  J really liked this red.  I think because it had quite a black pepper spice flavor.  It wasn’t really smooth enough for me.  But I have a hard time drinking red in the summer.  I usually switch over mid fall from white to red.  I think for the sole reason that I prefer a room temperature drink in the winter and COLD COLD wine in the summer.  But anyways I wasn’t a huge fan of this one since I like my reds to be big, bold, and smooth.  But if you like spice and a medium body, then this girl is for you.

Noble Vines 337
Cabernet Sauvignon
Grade:  C


We are looking at a rainy weekend here in NJ.  Our summer weekends this year have unfortunately been trending this way.  Here is to making the best of it!


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