Labor Day Weekend 2018

We were spoiled with a long Thursday-Tuesday Memorial Day weekend since J took a couple days off work. We headed down the shore on Thursday afternoon. When we got there we settled in and relaxed for a bit inside, in the air conditioning. It was HOT.

Later in the night we headed out to the pier. We caught a great sunset and had some fun crabbing and fishing.

Ha well I spent most of the time time going up and down the pier trying to get K to sleep since we were pushing off bedtime and he was all thrown off.

But we had some success out there and J whipped up crab cakes when we got home. It was a very basic recipe since it was unplanned, but it wasn’t bad for our first attempt!

The next day was a bit windy so we did our best on the beach. K and I got cold pretty quick but we stuck it out so J could do some surf fishing.

On Sunday we headed down to Avalon (which is further south) to visit my mom’s side of the family since they were staying there for the week. K got his toes dipped in the water for the first time and he was NOT a fan. Ha I think the waves maybe scared him more than anything else. Hopeful that next year brings smiles…

Today I got to try out our new stand up paddle board. LOVED it! I took it for a spin on the bay. It takes a lot more core and quad strength than I thought it would. My sister and I have plans to try to get both of us on it next weekend. I’ll have J document that because I’m sure we will not make it back dry!

The beach was wonderfully relaxing all weekend, even though K was kind of out of sorts. Growth spurt? Developmental change? Not sure but the boy has been nursing a lot and one day he slept almost all day. Or maybe it was just not being on his normal schedule. But he is sleeping well at night still so I’m happy about that.

OH and that above book. PHENOMENAL! If you are into murder mysteries. But I literally read it in two days while caring for a fussy baby so that shows how good it was.

Saying goodbye to summer was so bittersweet since we are very much enjoying this new family shore house. But we already can’t wait for next year so K is older and can really get his feet in that sand, and hopefully enjoy it more 🙂

We are headed back home early-ish tomorrow and the rest of the day will probably consist of LAUNDRY (wah) and gearing up for the week as I have orientation for my new per diem job. Should be a busy, short, but interesting week!

What were your Labor Day plans???

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