Wine-ding down the week 8

I can’t believe we are looking at the “last” weekend of summer already.  I hope we still get some good weekend weather in September so we can stretch summer just a bit longer.  But really, who am I kidding.  Bring on all things fall!

On to the wine of the week…

This sauvignon blanc is from Joel Gott.  We really love the Cabernet so we decided to give this one a go.  I thought it was on the drier side and had a strong tropical fruit taste.  11.00 bucks!  Not bad.  I’m always impressed by Joel Gott wines so it wasn’t a surprise that this one was good.

Joel Gott
Sauvignon Blanc
Grade: A!


We are heading down the shore sometime today.  Fingers double crossed that leaving a day early will help us miss traffic.  We tend to only get about 2 hours in the car before K starts to freak.  And with the dog also along for the ride it makes for a TIGHT little backseat when I have to climb back there.

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend!

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