GWL must haves—>The Beauty Edition.

Mama had a SPA day today.  Not really, just a very very VERY overdue haircut and gel manicure.  I got a hair glaze with a slight tint to give my hair some shine and hide the highlights that I feel like I have been growing out for forever.  The stylist asked if I had a balayage done to my hair.  Ha no…just when I get highlights my hair just blends it all together on its own.  Fine hair probs.  No photos because of course my hair was in a pony within 5 seconds of getting home to my hair grabbing baby.

Now I’m no beauty queen.  But this spa day has inspired me, and I do have some products that I currently am loving.

— European Wax Center- sensual strut body lotion.  This stuff has done WONDERS for preventing and getting rid of ingrowns.  It is 16 bucks for the bottle but worth every penny.Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel.  This feels so good going on and moisturizes so well without making my skin feel coated or heavy.  It has been great for summer when your skin always feels kind of parched.  Trader Joe’s Enrich moisturizing face lotion.  This is my go to in the AM for that sun protection.  And I love that quick open cap.  You know because the 5 more seconds it would take to screw off a cap is really annoying. 

Colin active exfoliant powder.  Now this I was turned on to after I got a facial back when I had time to do those nice relaxing things.  I use it once a week and I feel like it does a really good job of exfoliating without being too harsh.


—Now this one is embarrassing.  Funny story though.  Well and a kinda cute story.  When J was at work he always liked how this one woman smelled.  Kinda weird ha but he finally got the courage to ask her what it was when I guess I had a birthday coming up or something.  It is Jessica Simpson Fancy Love.  It’s not expensive at all, I have even found it at Marshall’s for like 6 bucks.  BUT the funny part is that the perfume smells totally different on me then it does on this other woman because obviously your own body scent mixes with the spray and creates its own scent blah blah.  I love the smell but J doesn’t even like it that much on me!  BUT he also was obsessed with this one perfume I wore when we first started dating, so I would keep buying this expensive perfume because I thought he liked it.  WE REALIZED IT WAS MY SPF FACE LOTION THAT HE LOVED.  IT WAS MY SUNSCREEN PEOPLE.  We still laugh about that.  So I take his perfume recommendations with a grain of salt.  But I really do love this one.

—This is the BEST toner ever and I will never use anything different and I have been probably using this same brand for like 10 years.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  

—I have recently been using these hair ties because they hold very well and I think it helps my hair not break off as much.  And it is pony life right now with the hot summer and grabby hands Kaden James.  If you buy them definitely buy them on Amazon because they are double the price at Target.

So those are just a few of the things I currently love.  Hopefully I helped you discover something amazing!

Do you have any amazing products that you swear by??

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