A day at the market.

Hello Friends.

Breakfast today was a piece of slow cooker zucchini bread.  I followed this recipe.  It is not as moist as I thought it would be.  But still good, just not a recipe keeper.img_2387

I also made a coffee cake for brunch that I planned with the girls/baby play date tomorrow.  Sampled a piece… amazing.  AMAZING.  More dessert-like than breakfast but that’s why it is BRUNCH.  And I am bringing mimosas 🙂

I ALSO made (jeez where am I getting this time) a broccoli salad from a recipe on Mealime.  Another winner!  I only eat tiny cups at a time though because I’m afraid too much broccoli in my diet will bother K.

Mid-day snuggles.  Or was it because I hardly put him down without him fussing today.  One of the two…

Off to the farmers market!  I have been meaning to check it out for forever but it is Tuesday afternoons and I always get caught up in the day and forget to go.

Kind of disappointing! I guess only because it is small. There was really only one big vendor and maybe 4 smaller ones. I guess I am used to the farmers markets in Montclair and Hoboken (when I used to live in those towns) which are definitely larger. But we still walked away with some zucchini and chicken for dinner. And some peaches. So our produce basket was nice and full!

I cooked a lemon garlic chicken and feta zucchini noodle dish for dinner. I loosely used a Mealime recipe but altered it quite a bit. A good healthy weeknight dish!

And 4 month sleep regression is no joke. K FOUGHT sleep tonight and after nursing almost constantly for an hour it still took him 40 minutes to fall asleep after that.

Mama needed that filter ha.

I wine-ed down the week today and YES it’s freaking only Tuesday (review coming on Friday) and YES I know that was a heavy pour. Sleep training is not fun. But I am determined to have this baby not be a mess every night. One night down, hopefully only 2 or 3 bad nights to go?

Any one else do any sleep training?? Tips?

Do you visit a farmer’s market weekly for your produce? We don’t but I’m thinking I might start so I can support a local business rather than Stop & Shop.

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