GWL Weekend.

Happy Monday!

It was a gym-wine-laundry weekend for us. The forecast predicted rain so we skipped the beach and planned to catch up on some overdue chores. First up was a bath for the pup.

We go to Pet Valu and it is 10 dollars to use their pet bathing station. It’s cheaper than dropping her off at the groomer and better than getting our bathroom covered in dog hair.  She tolerates it pretty well considering she has high anxiety around other dogs.  I promise she is not as scared as she looks in that picture!

I did a little garage gym sesh with Aaptiv.img_2238

I’m thrilled with how tough the workouts are!  As seen above, I get a pretty good sweat on in a short period of time.  This workout was called “HIIT Me Britney”.  It was a 22 minute long intermediate strength training workout.  No equipment was needed, we just used our own body weight.  Britney S songs powered us through a bunch of squats, lunges, and planks with cardio bursts in between.  I finished up the workout with 10 minutes of jogging around my house.  Ha these are the times where I am glad we have many trees to block our neighbor’s view.  I hate treadmill running so this was the only way I could run outside while K was napping.  Oh but WARNING.  My free trial ended and I was sent a reminder e-mail but then never went back in to end my free trial.  Well, they charged me the next day for the FULL YEAR.  Welp.  100 bucks later I guess I am sticking with doing these workouts.  And I guess $100 for a (sort of) personal trainer isn’t bad.  And they are honestly great workouts and keep me motivated so here is to getting my money’s worth!!img_2240And baby still sleeping at the end!

I have been painting random furniture pieces that were given to us by family when we first moved in.  They were all different wood stains so nothing really went together so I decided try out painting them.  After some research on YouTube I just went for it.  I am pretty happy with how this one turned out!img_2202I am not sure I am going to stick with those drawer knobs…thinking they are a little too big?  My next project is either the dressers in Kaden’s room or this big cedar chest my parents gave us.  When I get one of those big projects done I’ll be sure to share before and after pictures!

We visited family Sunday evening and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the night.


This book is my new reading material.  K has always been a decent sleeper at night but I need to get his nap schedule on track.  He will literally fight naps all day if I let him.  Also I want to start doing a stricter “bedtime” with him now that he is almost 4 months old. img_2233

Wish us luck!


Any baby sleep schedule tips that you swear by??


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