A BLUR of a Week.

HA.  So we maybe had a rough night last night.  I found these pictures on my phone later in the day.  J always knows how to capture my best angle…


After we finally got moving we did some laundry (*sigh* never ending) and then picked up the house a bit.  And I KNOW that he is too young to be front facing in the Ergo.  We did this for like 5 minutes,  I was just curious to see if he liked it.  He loved it but I think it is bad for his hips this early??  But anyway I can’t wait to be able to carry him around like this because he is so curious and loves to face out but mama’s back is hurtin’!  It will be nice to be able to use the carrier so he can face out.img_2151-1

I had lunch with my mom, sister, aunt, and grandma.  We went to Merve’s Kitchen and Bakery  I had a salad with grilled havarti cheese, figs, apricots, and sun-dried tomatoes in a balsamic dressing.  I have never had cheese grilled like this before in a salad and it was delicious!  It almost tasted like tofu actually.img_2157

On our walk today I picked some wild flowers that were growing near our high school.  How pretty do they look!  img_2149-1

I did a workout from my Aaptiv app today.  It was a good quick burn.  I am doing a 30 day trial with the app but I think I might renew since it is easy to quick pull a session up.  Today’s workout was a 2 part class.  We warmed up with high knees and jumping jacks.  Then part one was pulse lunges, jumping squats, and starfishes.  Part two was pulsing squats, squat walks, and reverse crunches.  We did three rounds and did each exercise for about 60 seconds (sometimes shorter).  img_2162

I made lemon bars during the baby’s afternoon nap.  I always have something on hand for when that sweet tooth hits and these are a favorite.  I will need to bring some down the shore this weekend because this whole pan will be gone way too fast if they stay in this house!  I followed this recipe  and my only alteration was adding a little more lemon juice than it calls for.  Obviously sampled right out of the oven…img_2165

I cooked up a meal repeat for dinner tonight.  We tend to stick with what we know we love 🙂  It was very good and super easy to make so we just used the extras we had from last time we made this.  Surprise… it was good again!img_2171

Someone didn’t nap well today so he liked to be held this afternoon… lots.  He is sleeping now which is really late for a nap since he goes to bed around 8:30 so hopefully it doesn’t mess him up.  Ha I am afraid to wake him though.  The MOBY wrap has been a lifesaver in this house!


Yay for Friday tomorrow!  Does anyone have fun weekend plans??


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