Naps All Day!

We didn’t get home until after midnight last night from the shore so today was a day filled with naps by all.  I NEVER nap.  I hate napping.  I usually will just power through the day and then go to bed early.  But today it was necessary.  We all woke up super happy though!

I took his 3 month old pictures today (a touch late).  He did not stop moving. Obviously proven by the blurry fist…

How weird is this comparison!?  It is only a week apart!  Left is today and right was a week ago.  He lost a lot of his hair this week which I think is the reason.  We are thinking it will grow back blonde since J and I were both blonde as kids.  Doesn’t he look like a different baby!?

The afternoon consisted of some dips in our “pool”.  We laughed after we set this up since we think it looks so ridiculous.  But let me tell you.  When it is 90 degrees out, a quick swim in this pool is GLORIOUS. 

We downloaded a new app on our phones called Mealime.  You can choose which meals you want to cook for the week and then it will give you the list of ingredients for when you go to the store.  We cooked chicken and mushroom “fettuccine” over zucchini pasta.  It was a very easy recipe that came together quickly.  Definitely a new favorite!

Do you meal plan for the week?  Do you use any apps or do you have a book of recipes?  Or do you just wing it??

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