Beachin’ Weekend!

We were down the shore again for a long weekend. We had some crazy rain at times but it always passed quickly.

We put in some good beach time along with a healthy mix of exercise. We do SO much walking when we are down here.

Our first night we went out for dinner and we had THE BEST crab cakes. They had a potato crust and had bits of mango which sounds a little weird but I promise you it was delicious.

The next night we had pizza on the boardwalk. Baby in picture to show the size of this pizza… HUGE.

We kayaked on our last day while taking shifts for baby watch. It was great kayaking weather, not too much wind and smooth waters. I forgot how much I love kayaking. Ha except I can already feel my arms will be sore tomorrow.

Baby K you cute! He is getting to be such a chunk!

We had a fantastic weekend. We are now sitting in good old NJ traffic at 11pm!!!! How is that possible!! How is there traffic this late?? Oh. New Jersey. That’s how… ah home sweet home.

Hope everyone has a good start to the week!

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