A Case of the Monday’s.

Ugh isn’t the Monday after getting home from vacation the worst?? I scheduled a doctors appointment for today before I realized it would be right after vacation. But they are hard to reschedule with so I sucked it up and got there.

Those TOMS have always been too big but after having the baby now they fit. Not sure if I’m happy about that ha but hey now I can wear them. After the doctor I drowned in mountains of laundry. Why does having a baby on vacation seem to triple the amount of laundry?? At least he’s cute.

The rest of the day was laundry related as I said and wasn’t kidding. This was not even including baby’s laundry…K babe was a beast, maybe thrown off schedule after vacation? He slept literally a only a half hour today… today was just one of THOSE days. We went for a nice long walk as my workout of the day because nothing else was possible with this stage 5 clinger. Ha anyone do one of these? I tried to simulate movement to extend a half car seat nap to no avail. Little stinker. Prayers tomorrow is better!

Hope everyone had a great start of the week!

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