Vacation Eats and Treats!

We are still down here in Seaside but instead of another post about going to the beach I’ll document a day of eats and treats! This has been the go to breakfast. Rye toast with THE BEST peanut butter and a banana.

Lunches have been all the cold cuts. HAS to be Thumans though. It makes a difference. Turkey, provolone, and mayo with some pickles on the side.

Someone else had a steady diet of mama milk. Luckily he goes from bottle to breast very easily, hoping that lasts for us!

We cooked home our last night and had salads and burgers.

I feel like it was a somewhat healthy eating week considering we were on vacation. When we get back J and I plan to get it in gear and dive back into a healthy lifestyle.

This pup can’t wait to be back home on her normal couch. Ha she almost seems homesick if that’s possible.

Headed back home soon! Bye for now Seaside.

Does anyone eat keto?? Anyone feel better on it or is it another fad diet?

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