Vacation date night.

With grandma and gramps back down the shore for the weekend we got to sneak out for a quick date night! They are always happy to watch him so it’s nice we are able to go out every now and then by ourselves.

We did some fishing and crabbing all together first. The sunset was gorgeous! Success!

We gave the babe some kisses goodbye and then we headed out. I always find it hard to relax when someone else is watching the baby. Even if it’s my own mom! I don’t know why I know he’s in good hands. Sigh, does the mom-xiety ever end??

We went back to PJs Place since we had such a good meal there last time. J got the filet wrapped in bacon and stuffed with scallops. It comes with the most amazing mashed potatoes.

I had the blacked salmon which was really good. I never have gotten anything blacked before and wasn’t sure I would like it but it was a good flavor. And I like my salmon with a good crust so I really enjoyed this.

We got carrot cake for dessert which was sadly only okay…

It was nice to get away for a bit and talk about things other than the baby.

Happy weekend!!

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