Seaside Park-Day Three

The family left today so now it’s just us and the baby until the weekend. Oh and the dog… she’s being absolutely crazy since we are adjusting to a new house so hopefully she settles in soon.

We hung out at the beach in the AM. It was windy so we couldn’t set up our larger baby tent so we didn’t stay too long.

After a quick cool down at the house we moved to the bay side for the afternoon. The baby took a nap while we read for awhile.

My husband has never been a big beach guy but I grew up going down the shore all the time so we haven’t gone much over the past few years. But now that my family has a house down here we are making some adjustments so we can all be happy a.k.a more shade for J. My dad has been teaching him the ropes of fishing so he has been enjoying learning a new hobby. We are training this baby to be a total beach bum, we can’t wait for next year when he is more mobile on the beach!

We are having such a great time on our first vacation as a family of 3. This babe is a chill little guy so we have been doing a lot. He always sleeps through dinner when we go out which has been so amazing for J and I to have some “alone” time. I have wanted babies for so so long, my favorite game when I was little was “house” where I always had to be the mom with twins. While I no longer want twins ha… the baby fever was real for a long time and I couldn’t be happier being a mom.

We had dinner at Ebby’s and it was really good. We both got chicken dishes.

Ha and wine. We walked to get ice cream after dinner at Charlie’s homemade ice cream.

What is your favorite vacation spot??

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